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Olivetrees, Colle Lungo, Umbria, ItalyPoplars near Trémolat, Dordogne/ Perigord, FrancePlanetrees, Sarlat, Dordogne, FranceWalnuttrees at a flooding Dordogne, Cénac, Dordogne/ Perigord, FrancePoplartrees at a flooding Dordogne, Cénac, Dordogne/ Perigord, FrancePoplarleafs, Daglan, Dordogne/ Perigord, FranceWalnuttrees near Les Milandes, Dordogne/ Perigord, FranceWalnuttrees near Daglan, Dordogne/ Perigord, FranceSanddunes at the Petite Camargue. Provence, France, May 2008Palmtree leaf near Tazacorte. La Palma, Canary islandsCanary pinetrees (Pinus Canariensis) at the slopes of the Cumbre Nueva. La Palma, Canary islandsBeardmoss at a Canary pinetree (Pinus Canariensis), La Palma, Canary islandsView from Caldera de Taburiente. La Palma, Canary islands