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The bear and the lion, (l’Ours et le lion), Bois de Païolive, Chassagnes, ArdecheSt. Appolonie church, Les Assions, Ardeche, FranceBanne, Ardeche, FranceMazet, Chassezac, Ardeche, FranceErmitage St. Eugène, Chassagnes, Ardeche, FranceDoor, Le Bosc, Ardeche, FranceBalazuc, Ardeche, FranceBalazuc, Ardeche, FranceAnchor cementry ‘Cemitério das Âncoras’, Tavira island, Algarve, Portugal, October 2010Fisherman’s house of former tuna fishermen, Tavira island, Algarve, Portugal, October 2010Querenca, Algarve, Portugal, October 2010Everglades, Florida, United States, August 2010Galapagos giant tortoise (Geochelone spp.), Charles Darwin research Station, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, July 2010