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People and wagon near Giurgeni, South-east Romania, July 1995Men and wagon, South-east Romania, July 1995Roma Gypsies tents near Marsilieni, Romania, July 1995Horsemen at Puszta of Hortobagy, Hungary, July 1997Pigfarmer, Puszta of Hortobagy, Hungary, July 1997Shepherd, Hortobagy, HungaryRacka sheep, Puszta of Hortobagy, HungaryFarmers, near Debrecen, Hungary, July 1992Biebzra valley, East-Poland, July 1993Men and wagon, East-Poland, July 1993Farmer, East-Poland, July 1993Bialowieza, East-Poland, May 1991Men, near Biebzra, East-Poland, May 1991